Home Theatre when designed well will provide you and your friends with a fantastic movie viewing experience.

Let us assist you with designing a Home Theatre System to suit your lifestyle. It should be easy to use, and gone are the days of a coffee table full of remote controls. We can provide you with ‘One Touch’ Controllers that even the kids can use. Let us know how you want to use your system and we will design it to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Most of the emotion you feel when watching a movie comes from the sound. Martial arts movies, for example, will really make you cringe when you can actually hear Bruce Lee breaking bones with crystal clarity. With TVs getting thinner, inbuilt speakers are getting smaller and tinnier. It’s all very well having a big screen, but do you have the sound to match it? We can assist you in choosing the Speakers that will best recreate the sound how the movie director intended it to be heard, and you can be assured with our experience in Speaker placement you will get the best out of your Speakers.

To compliment the great sound that you will get from your Home Theatre System there are many options available to you when it comes to TV’s and Projectors. Are you fond of watching Beckham curve the football or like watching Tiger Woods making that perfect shot ? Maybe action movies are more your thing. Do you find that your current TV does not give you the ultimate viewing experience? Based on the type of viewing experience that you and your family are trying to achieve we can assist you with choosing the best options to enhance your viewing experience.

We will always take into consideration the aesthetics of a room when installing any audio visual products in your home or business. We will consult with you or your interior designer to ensure that the system will suit the look and feel that you intend for the room.

Finally, and most importantly, we will calibrate the system to suit the room’s acoustics. This can make the difference between a good Home Theatre System and a GREAT Home Theatre System.

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