Structured Cabling

Getting Connected with Structured Cabling
Today’s home wiring demands more than the standard electrical connections. It requires dedicated wiring for data, telephone, audio, and video which are now fast becoming standard options.

The popularity of the internet has brought more computers, tablets and handheld devices into today’s homes. With the increasing popularity of the home office, why not let us make it easy for you to work from home, by integrating your business and homes wired and Wi-Fi network access, and allowing you to enjoy high speed internet access from the family room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, or office.

A structured cabling panel also allows you to centralise and organise multiple telephone outlets and data outlets into your home anywhere you want them. It’s easy for your home office to change rooms – it’s as easy as plugging into the wall outlet that is installed in another room. It also makes it easier to share peripherals such as printers and scanners and even digital photos.

As your Sky TV or DVD can also be patched into the system we can enable it to be shared throughout the house. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to change the TV channel from any room in the house!

We can assist you with the design and installation of your system. Let us know how you want to use your system and we will design it to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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