There are many reasons why Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) are used. In business it may be necessary to guard against theft or for employee protection. For your home it may be used as a deterrent against opportunist thieves who maybe seeking an easy target. Whatever your reason you need to ensure that the CCTV System you install is designed to meet your needs so to avoid disappointment.

Often we come across people who have become disillusioned with their CCTV System because they are unable to have the facial or vehicle recognition that they require or can only view a portion of the area that they thought they could view. While the savings that you receive when purchasing a CCTV System from a retail store may seem attractive…you need to ask yourself ‘how well does the sales person really understand your requirements’ without the benefit of having been out to view your site and the environment in which you wish to have the system installed.

While there may be clarity in the images demonstrated in the store, how would it look under ‘low light’ conditions or ‘bright light’ condition? Don’t throw away your money on a system that is unusable and unsuitable because it hasn’t been designed for your conditions or environment, call us now and let us help you through this process because ‘working with ICA Systems means that you will benefit from our knowledge’.

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