Do you know who is at your Front Door?

The Aiphone JF2MED Colour LCD Hands Free Video Monitor provides audio and video communications with up to two video door stations. The Aiphone JF2MED is a slim style video room station that is only 27 mm thick. The JF2MED features hands free communications with the door stations and internal room stations. The Aiphone JF2MED also features digital picture memory function as well as an audio memo function.

The Aiphone JF2MED System gives you a Hands-Free Video and Audio System that offers style and simplicity, without compromising on security and features.

Surface Mount Door Station

Stainless Steel Surface Mount Door Station

Stainless Steel Flush Mount Door Station (weather & vandal resistant)

It’s Easy to Use… When a visitor presses the call button on the door station, the call signal rings on the video doorphone unit. The image of the visitor will then appear on the monitor screen. To speak to your visitor simply press the talk button, or press the door release button to let your visitor in. Once communication with your visitor is complete, the monitor automatically turns off.

Why choose the Aiphone Hands-Free Video Door Phone?

One of the benefits to you, other than the simplicity of use, is that you are able to record an image of the visitor at anytime even if you are not home. Other features include…

Can support 2 door and up to 3 inside stations

Built in Picture memory unit allows you to see who was there when you were not. Up to 50 images can be recorded and 10 can be saved. Automatic Recording – When the call button on the door station is pushed it automatically starts to record. This feature is ideal when you are away or unable to answer calls from visitors.

Manual Recording – When manual recording is necessary, just push the REC button on the master. This features helps keep record of any and all visitors who call in.

Voice Memo – Easily record and play back a short message for someone or reminder for yourself.

Message for Entrance – When you can’t or don’t want to use your voice to answer a visitor, simply use the Message for Entrance function. It allows up to 2 prerecorded messages to be played. Example: Push button and you will hear “Hello, we are currently closed. Our normal business hours area M-F 8-6 and Sat 9-3 and closed Sundays.”

Communicate internally – Allows you to talk to other stations in the house with the All Call button.

LED illuminator – allows you to see in low light conditions

Hands free operation – When a call comes in, press the talk button and begin the hands free communication with your visitor.

LED light indicates who is speaking – The LED light turns on when you talk to visitors and off when you are listening.

Audio Monitoring – Allows you to hear noises that are around the front door without the inside sound being heard, ensuring privacy

Option Button – can control door strike, or outdoor entrance light

Simplicity, Style and Technology

The Aiphone Hands-Free Video System Range has it all.  We have a variety of other Video Intercoms and IP Intercoms available.

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