1 x Main Monitor: VL-MWD272
1 x Door Station: VL-V522L
1 x Wireless Sub Monitor: VL-WD613

1 x Main Monitor: VL-MWD501
1 x Door Station: VL-V554
1 x Wireless Sub Monitor: VL-WD613

Do you know who is at your front door?

Intercoms are designed and used to provide protection for your home and business by allowing you to either give access to or deny access to any visitor coming to your door without having to go to the door.

It’s easy to use …

When a visitor arrives and presses the call button on the door station, the call signal rings on the video door phone unit. The image of the visitor will then appear on the monitor screen. To speak to your visitor simply press the talk button, or press the door release to let your visitor in. Once communication with your visitor is complete, the monitor automatically turns off.

Choosing the right intercom for you

We can provide intercom systems for your home or business that are easy to install along with upgrading existing intercom systems.

From basic systems with an external camera and single internal monitor, to systems that include wireless internal handsets so you can see who is at the gate/door from anywhere on the premise or IP intercoms* that allow offsite answering , along with the ability to unlock the gate/door.

* IP systems allow the intercom to also call your mobile so you will never miss someone coming to your door even while you’re out.

We have intercom systems that are ideal for a single house to cost effective solutions for small to medium sized apartment blocks and businesses.

Interested in a Video Intercom System?

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